If you are interested in sending your dog to Sandton Doggy Daycare we will require you to fill in a simple registration form.

Daycare Pricing (Month-To-Month; Payable Upfront)

1 full day a week: R792 p/m
2 full days a week: R1496 p/m
3 full days a week: R2112 p/m
4 full days a week: R2640 p/m
5 full days a week: R3080 p/m

If you have more than one dog; the first dog will be charged at 100% of the rate and every dog after will get 10% discount.

Disease Management

Monthly Deworming   

  • Milpro 1 tab/25kg: R77¬†

12 Weekly Flea & Tick

  • Bravecto (XS) 2.4-5 Kg: R273
  • Bravecto (S) 4.5-10 Kg: R273
  • Bravecto (M) 10-20 Kg : R339
  • Bravecto (L) 20-40 Kg: R424
  • Bravecto (XL) 40-56 Kg: R548

All Annual Vaccinations (including Kennel Cough)

  • Chat to our affiliated veterinarian, Narousha Baldao (Crowthorne Vet): 011 468 1519

Trial Day



Collection and Drop Off: Please note that R2,8 will be charged per every KM should you require shared collection and drop off. Please remember drop off and collection is two round trips. If you require a dedicated trip for your dog(s) it will be R5,6 per KM.

We look forward to welcoming your dog to our family!