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Price List

If you are interested in sending your dog to Sandton Doggy Daycare we will require you to fill in a simple registration form.


1 full day a week: R720 p/m
2 full days a week: R1360 p/m
3 full days a week: R1920 p/m
4 full days a week: R2400 p/m
5 full days a week: R2800 p/m

Price Increase: September 2019

DISEASE MANAGEMENT                                         

Monthly Deworming   

  • Milbemax (S) 1 tab/5kg: R21 
  • Milbemax (L) 1 tab/25kg: R63 

3 Monthly Flea & Tick

  • Bravecto (S & XS): R230 
  • Bravecto (M): R286 
  • Bravecto (L): R372 
  • Bravecto (XL): R487

All Annual Vaccinations

  • R450/dog (including Kennel Cough)

If you would like to have a trial day before committing to a full month you are more than welcome to do so.
A trial day is R200/dog

Full day: 8 hours between 6:30am and 4:00pm – depending on collection time.

If you have  more than one dog; the first dog will be charged at 100% of the rate and every dog after will get 10% discount.


Collection and Drop Off: Please note that R1.60 will be charged per every KM should you require collection and drop off. Please remember drop off and collection is two round trips.

Lodging: Small Breed R180/day; Medium Breed R200/day; Large Breed R220/day; Giant Breed R240/day (20% discount for contract daycare clients)

Full Grooming: Small Breed R210; Medium Breed R230; Large Breed R250; Giant Breed R270 (wash and go option available at discounted prices) For fancy cuts – our dog stylist is only in on Tuesdays & Thursdays!

Dog Training: R280/session  (Social groups on Saturday mornings – but we will try to work around your busy schedule)

We look forward to welcoming your dog to our family!

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